Unique Diaper Cakes, Towel Cakes , Elegant Bridal Bouquets, and more!

Creative Creations by Lisa

               How did this all start?

A friend of mine was going to have a baby girl.  So, co workers decided to throw her a baby shower. I was sick of just buying an outfit and  sticking it in a box with a bow on top.  I wanted to give her something that was unique.  I did some research and stumbled on to diaper cakes.  I gathered my materials and made my very first diaper cake.  The shower was a small group and the "cake" used as the center piece.   I got many compliments and decided to make a few more for baby showers that I was attending.  It just caught on and before I knew it I was making them for family members and family member friends! ( So, here's to my inspiration - Elise :) These creations have become a source of creative outlet and enjoyment!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.